"Enjoyed every minute of it." Fall of Sky City by @SMBlooding #scifi #review

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Fall of Sky City

A Steampunk Fantasy Sci-Fi Adventure Novel

Written by SM Blooding

In a world governed by the opposing forces of the mystical House of Tarot and the tribal Great Families, Synn is caught in the crossfire. He witnesses the slaughter of innocent people, and the devastating murder of his father. This act awakens his Mark of power, a Mark greater than any the world has seen in a very long time.

Queen Nix thought she won a great prize when she destroyed Synn’s father, the leader of the strongest Great Families. She had no idea she’d be doubly blessed by capturing his son. However, before Synn can become her treasured weapon, before she can use him to bring the rest of the world to its knees, she must break him and bind his soul to hers.

She does her job with brutal brilliance. Synn’s mind is broken and his soul is seared to hers in an unbreakable bond.

That doesn’t stop him from wanting to be free. She may have broken his mind and claimed his soul, but he will find a way to destroy her.

Experience a world of ships that sail the clouds and cites buried beneath the ocean, and survive the fiery battle brought forth by those who control the forces of nature!

Ashley Rowe's Review

I got sucked into this amazing world and enjoyed every minute of it.

I LOVED this book. At first it was a little slow but still interesting.When Synn finally gets to see just how horrible Queen Nix is and when he gets his “mark” things really start to pick up and it became a book I didn’t put down until I forced myself to at 5am. Only to pick it back up a two hours later to finish it.

S.M Blooding wrote a wonderful world with great detail. Everything was easy to imagine and was not overdone. I loved the places the characters lived! Airships floating using a sky jellyfish type animal, Octopus that protect cities with in them and of course the technological advanced Sky City.. So imaginitive and fascinating. Even the evolved animals that get described are intriguing

Synn was an awesome character so brave and strong and yet flawed. What happened to Synn was horrible and heartbreaking he was broken by Queen Nix but he still managed to escape with his friends, show promise of becoming a great leader and try and help save the great families from the wrath of The House of Tarot.

Queen Nix is a wonderful bad “guy”. She’s down right evil and does not think she is in the wrong at all. She will take what she wants any way she can and she does some horrible stuff to get what she wants.

I can not think of one thing about this book I didn’t like. Seriously, Airships, plasma guns, people who can control the elements, great action scenes, friendship, a great adventure and some awesome characters ( the good and the evil ones).

This book was a wonderful steampunk/ fantasy that I did not and could not put down. I got sucked into this amazing world and enjoyed every minute of it. I plan on picking up the next one as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: Book provided by the author free of charge in exchange for an honest review.