Earbuds but no music. #interview with @chelseascottbks

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Lightening Round

Do you ever do character creation while people watching from a location outside your home/office?

I live in the country and work from home, so unless my characters have antlers or croak, I’m at a disadvantage with inspirational scenery.

Lipstick or lip gloss?

ChapStick with a little layer of gloss on top = perfection.

Which is the better way to enjoy a story, being the writer or the reader?

I’m going to say both for different reasons. As a reader, you’re allowed to get sucked into the story. That's your one job. You ride the ride, you step off, and then you tell your friends how it was. As a writer, you create an entire world. That's a fantastical sort of feeling that comes with great responsibility.

You control the story and where it goes, BUT – you're constantly assessing, analyzing, pausing, and editing that story in your mind. Is it possible to read your own book solely for enjoyment purposes? I highly doubt it!

Serious Round

Do you find more inspiration from reading other books or watching TV/movies?

We utilize captions on our TV at home. When I was writing FIGHT, I’d watch captioned dialogue scroll across the screen and analyze it to see how normal TV characters were talking, what they were saying, and how it made me feel. Writing my dialogue came from a place of, “Could I imagine this being said in real life?”

Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what?

Actually, I need plain old silence to write. I put in some pink earplugs and get to work. Can’t have music, background noise, or anything else playing. I tend to hone in on it and stray from the task at hand.

Wacky Question

How many people have you killed (in your fiction)?

In FIGHT, several. In its sequel, FLIGHT (which is currently under construction), maybe a few more....

Author Bio

Chelsea Scott grew up writing stories about islands of horses and chocolate factory crimes. Fight emerged from her desire to cultivate a teenage romance cemented in a foundation of ancient history with overwhelming issues working to crack it.

She lives in Virginia with her husband, young daughter, and two crazy dogs.