"Romance, seduction, sadness, and a dose of reality" Dark Facade by @SylviaHubbard1 #erotica

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Dark Facade

Let The Party Begin

Written by Sylvia Hubbard

Genre: Erotica 


First book in the Dark Facade series explores a secret society in the underground world of Detroit.

Maxine, an AA graphic designer who has no life, realizes that her best friend and coworker disappeared the day after telling Maxine she was going out on a hot date with a man she met on the Internet.

Now it's up to Maxine to find out what happened to Lisa and who was this mysterious man, who emailed his picture to her friend that Maxine just can't stop thinking about.

An excerpt from

Dark Facade

Here's what

Fans are saying

Once again Ms. Hubbard wrote a story that has you cringing, mad, sad and left wanting more. When I read the short story on Ms. Hubbard's website I wanted to know more. That is EXACTLY what I got! Many people will not agree with my review but I am a fan of Ms. Hubbard who likes to enjoy more than everyday vanilla stories.

Ms. Hubbard has released another remarkable novel. If you are looking for something that will take you back in history mixed with romance, seduction, sadness, and a dose of reality then Dark Facade is a must read.

Maxine's history growin up is common in today's society but it leaves her scared; along with the help of her first love. Lonliness has her deciding to venture off into a world unknown to many but where the secrets of the rich are exposed. When Maxine meets her Master Phillippe she will quickly learn what submission is all about.

The endearments will have you squirming in your seats, hold tight and continue to read until the end. You will not be disappointed.

— LBJ 

Author Bio

Sylvia Hubbard

Detroit native, Sylvia Hubbard, a single mother of three, has worked tirelessly to promote and encourage emerging writers in Michigan. She independently published her first romance novel in 2000 and has continued to write in that genre, sometimes venturing into other subgenres. Always urban and contemporary styled, her writing is enjoyed all over the world. She has published 6 paperbacks and over 30 e-books.

The same year she published, Ms Hubbard also created Motown Writers Network to fill the lack of education and networking for Michigan authors online and offline. By 2004, she was frustrated that all the literary conferences had moved too far away from the city and co-created The Essence of Motown Literary Jam Conference held only in the City of Detroit annually.

In addition to romance writing, Hubbard has been featured at various conferences and workshops all over the United States and Canada, where she has taught authors how to sell their books on the Internet. She also published Internet Marketing for Writers & Businesses as a resource for those unable to attend her workshops. In the upcoming year, she will be featured in several anthologies and plans to publish additional e-books.

"I'm no superwoman," she states with a smile that seems infinite on her lips. "I'm just being an asset in the world instead of a liability."