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Written by Chelsea Scott

Genre(s): YA Paranormal Romance, YA Fantasy

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Sixteen-year-old Emma Briar feels like a freak when baby blue lines scrape down her shoulder blades. She refuses to look at the aching marks, but they won’t be ignored. Slowly spreading, slowly darkening, they form an embarrassing tattoo that she struggles to hide. She despises them … until meeting him.

First, the weird gray lines carve into Conley Hughes’s back. Then he shoots up several inches and puts on forty pounds of muscle – overnight. He’s never felt more alone working out in public to explain away the added bulk. Out for a jog one day, the sight of a beautiful girl sprinting towards him freezes him to the spot. Her eyes are closed: the expression on her pained face, hauntingly familiar. It’s like looking into a mirror.

The unexpected surge of electricity that rattles their colliding bodies is anything but new to a secret onlooker. Something lurking in the shadows has hunted people with back lines for centuries. Conley and Emma will be hunted, too.

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Fans are saying

Great read. 
Captivating and hard to put down.

I really enjoyed this book! I'm a guy and I'm also not usually into the Young Adult genre, but I found myself having difficulty stepping away from it. Can't wait for the sequel!

I really loved reading this book, specially the balance of romance and action. The story keeps you interested the whole way through and wanting the sequel as soon as possible! Looking forward to reading the rest of this trilogy.

— Jamily K Fuller 

I just finished this tonight, and I couldn't put it down! Once I hit the 50% mark on my Kindle I just didn't want to stop. FUN story!! I loved the characters, and I cannot wait to see what happens next!

— cttbryant

Author Bio

Chelsea Scott

Chelsea Scott grew up writing stories about islands of horses and chocolate factory crimes. Fight emerged from her desire to cultivate a teenage romance cemented in a foundation of ancient history with overwhelming issues working to crack it.

She lives in Virginia with her husband, young daughter, and two crazy dogs.