Faith, Hope & Charity: A Novel of Virtue and Vice by @mikedaltonbooks #erotica

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Faith, Hope & Charity

A Novel of Virtue and Vice

Written by Michael Dalton

Genre(s): romantic erotica, bdsm



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What do you do when the love of your life needs more than you can give her?

For Kevin and Faith, what begins as a harmless diversion in college soon awakens things that cannot be suppressed forever. As they build their life together, Kevin has to decide whether keeping Faith happy is worth letting his darkest impulses into the light of day. For as Faith explores the depths of her needs, she realizes that what she wants is another woman—a woman who can submit to the both of them. And not just submit, but come to love them and become an integral part of their marriage.

For Kevin, who does not trust his deepest needs, finding a way to reconcile what Faith wants and what he can allow himself becomes a fundamental challenge that will drive the two of them apart—or lead them to a an even deeper understanding of each other.

Due to mature themes, may not be appropriate for all readers.

An excerpt from

Faith, Hope & Charity

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Michael Dalton

Author Bio

Michael Dalton

Michael Dalton is a professional journalist and editor who writes erotic fiction and other works for readers of discriminating tastes.

Michael wrote his first piece of fiction in third grade, for which he was immediately accused of plagiarism by his teacher. His first piece of erotica--which has thankfully been lost to the mists of time--came a few years later.

Since then, he has been writing more or less steadily, interrupted only by occasional demands of work and family.

Michael enjoys writing across genres, and often mixes science fiction, fantasy, erotica, and alternate history into richly plotted and detailed novels.

Michael lives with his family and multiple pets in Southern California.