I bought it by mistake, so I decided to give it a 1 star review.

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The meme pic of Sheldon (from Big Bang Theory) describes exactly how I feel about stupid people and their reviewing practices. Well, I suppose I'm more than just sad, though. It's very irritating to find a review that does absolutely nothing for the author or reader. In fact, it hurts both. It needlessly hurts the author and gives the reader absolutely no information in order to make an informed decision.

Take the following review as an example:

I bought this by mistake. Not the Wallbanger I was looking for!!!I guess you can't judge a book by its cover!!!

You can find this lovely gem HERE.

Not only did I mark it as unhelpful, but I also reported it as inappropriate. The chances that Amazon will actually take note are slim, but perhaps if a hundred of us reports it as inappropriate...

In any case, I encourage you to mark it as unhelpful ... unless you think it is helpful, which I don't see how. And report it as inappropriate if you feel so inclined.

And this isn't the only time this reviewer has done this exact thing. Check out this review and this one. I marked both as unhelpful and reported both of them as well.

Send a message to all these bad reviewers.

(And, no, none of the authors asked me to do this)