"Badass heroine and angst driven hero" Beast by @JDHortonAuthor #fantasy

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Predator & Prey Book 2

Written by James D Horton

Genre: Dark Fantasy 

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It has been days since Lily killed the vampire responsible for her brutal attack. Now she and Wolf have been summoned by the Society to answer for her actions. Standing before the Regent, she learns she has tipped the human and supernatural scales. A new vampire is required to restore balance.

When she hears the penalty for her crime, Wolf protectively steps in and accepts a dangerous task in exchange for her freedom. He must find the rogue vampire who has been slaughtering citizens in their territory or risk losing Lily to the Society. And he only has days to do it.

As the night of reckoning fast approaches, Lily finds an unlikely advocate in a centuries-old, seductive vampire named Athene who gives her an ominous warning. Athene knows secrets about Wolf she won't divulge, which only complicates the mysterious revelation Lily has recently discovered about herself.

Screams, growls, and cries echo throughout the darkest, desolate streets of the city. The final showdown determines who is predator and who will become prey. One thing remains certain-no one escapes the night unscathed.

Beast is the much anticipated sequel to Predator & Prey by James D Horton.

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Fans are saying

Descriptive writing and great characters

It's been a while since I've read an author that is wonderfully descriptive without going into purple prose. Some scenes I could close my eyes and imagine it as a screenshot from a movie. 

Badass heroine and angst driven hero

A unusual twist on a common theme, yes the vampires have all the power, but they are also constantly battling to keep their ‘beast’ their baser desires chained up in their minds. Lily can sense these beasts, and rather than being the weak, manipulated human, she starts to realise she has a certain amount of power because of this ability, because not only can she feel their beasts, she can touch them.

Wolf is the same, uncommunicative chap he was in the first book, but is he really the guy in the white hat readers are led to believe? An enigmatic female vampire is introduced who knows Wolf well and she adds to the mystery and provides some information both about the vampire world in general and Wolf in particular. I loved the gargoyle character, who I hope will be expanded in the future.

Violence, angst and sexual tension abound, I can’t wait for book three to come out.

Author Bio

James D Horton

James D Horton is the breakout author of the Predator & Prey series which features an urban fantasy setting with a paranormal romance story. Lily is the star who falls in love with enigmatic Wolf, who is not a nice vampire. The story starts in Predator & Prey, continues in Beast (Predator & Prey, #2), and in the newly released Control (Predator & Prey, #3).

James has also written two popular non-fiction books which focus on relationship advice presenting the successful actions that he and his fiancé use to make their relationship better every single day with their six children.

He is currently working on the next installment of the Predator & Prey Series.

He lives in Lamar, MO with his fiancé and their children, plus the ever annoying Spock, a Yorkshire Terrier Chihuahua. He is a self-proclaimed original comic book geek and loves superhero movies, his favorite TV shows are The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

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