3 things you need to know about Masquerade Promotions

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A few things you need to know 
if you are going to work with us...

Disclaimer: the following pertains to promotions ordered from this site. Although Masquerade Book Tours is directly affiliated with us, our operations and way of doing business are separate.

Most important!

We don't email you unless we need something.

Our promotions are specifically designed to minimize email correspondence. It's not that we don't want to talk with you over the cyber-sphere. It's a matter of time and organization. Shifting through email takes long enough as it is, and I'm notorious for losing stuff in email.

One of the most common emails is "Did you get my payment?" or "I've paid. What next?"

Yes, we got your payment, and if you did not fill out the form ... FILL OUT THE FORM. If you did fill out the form, sit back and relax.

PayPal has never lost a payment. 99.99% guarantee that your payment went through. As long as you have a transaction ID.

So, under normal circumstances, as long as you fill out the form provided, things will run smoothly. Should something fall through the cracks under a rare circumstance, we will make it right. We've tweeted more if necessary or even done a brand new post on occasion. You will get your money's worth, one way or another.

On occasion Google forms do hiccup, so if you don't get a message from Google, saying something to the effect that your response was recorded, then by all means email us. Although it's never happened to me, people have reported that a form will just sit there after clicking submit. Or it might give you a different message. Email us when that happens.

Actually, don't email us right away. Try this: if you are using Internet Explorer ... trash it. Use Chrome, Firefox, Safari ... or just about any other browser. IE is horrible. An author had a problem recently. He changed browsers and his entry went straight through.

We don't necessarily process payments everyday, so...

If you order something to be done in the next 7 days, 
EMAIL US so we know to process your payment 
and add you to our calendar.

We've missed promotions because someone orders something on a Thursday. They want it done on Saturday, but we don't even see the order until Sunday or even Monday. We don't have regular business hours, but we do take days off. Or we might be doing other work for the site, and processing payments is just not on our radar that day.

And realize that any short-term order might hit scheduling difficulties. What that means is ... it's best to order something in advance. That's not always possible. We realize that. You may not even discover us until the day your blog tour starts, but ...

Please be patient. We aren't miracle workers. And we aren't going to drop what we are doing to make sure your last minute promo gets out. The more time you give us, the better the chance we can fulfill all of your expectations ... and more.

The one exception are regular features, such as Cover Wars, the Scavenger Hunt, or our weekly listing (currently the Masquerade 99¢ Listing  at the time of writing this post). You can order those last minute, and as long as we are accepting payment for the time period you want, you will be listed with everyone else.

Unlike other blogs or blog tours...

We do not guarantee our posts 
are up by a certain time of day.

Most of the time we don't even start working on your post until we are ready to put it out. So, if you want it posted on a Monday, it could go out at 2 AM, 2 PM, or late in the evening.

And we give priority to certain kinds of posts. If we know we have to get the bulk of your marketing out in a very short period of time, such as a day or two, your post will go out earlier (or at least that's our goal).

If we feel that the timing of your promo is less important, a general promotion for example, a more timely post may take your place, which might explain why your post doesn't go out until the evening, or even the next day.

Also, we do not guarantee that your post is the top post. Unlike other blogs, our traffic does not necessary hinge on posts being discovered randomly from people visiting the site in general. People come for a particular post. They may stick around and discover other stuff, but their point of entry is something particular, oftentimes from a tweet.

If you have any questions about these policies, please email us.