Into the sweet, sexy, and sensual? Try these #romance books.

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This edition of the Chronicle is all about Romance and the sensual. If those are your genres of choice or at least some of the ones you enjoy, I'm sure you'll find something you'll like.

Another set of romance books will be featured next time.

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"Give me a strong Marine with an open heart." 
What Matters Most by @ReanaMalori #romance

Sensual spankings. Sultry tease. 
Sophie's Menage by @janspringer #erotica

"Friends who become lovers." 
Stay With Me by @ReanaMalori #romance

"Had me crying at times." 
Thirty Days Have September by @BibiPaterson

Dark and devious, a little twisted. 
Frailty of Crystal - The Locket 
by @BretaSwan #paranormal

"Action and romance in perfect combination!" 
The Fog by @chrstnwll #paranormal

"This book was phenomenal." 
Dreams of Reality by @sylviahubbard1 #romance