An authentic detective character. The Frenchman by @BBBoudreau #mystery

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The Frenchman

Written by Barbara Boudreau

Genre: CrimeRomantic Suspense

Robbery, escape, rendezvous, pursuit and romance all season “The Frenchman ” as Jean LaChance, running from his criminal past, finds solace in the isolation of the bleak California desert. There, in search of the money he and his unscrupulous partner have stolen, LaChance instead finds Lilly Parsons and her children.

Over four days they forge a sense of belonging for the first time in their lives, loneliness and despair begin to melt away. This bond of trust is seemingly broken when Lilly flees with the children, unaware that the money is in the trunk of her car. 

Now LaChance is in determined pursuit of the woman and children he has grown to love, but he is unconvinced of their motive for leaving, taking the money and sending the cops. What will he do when he finds them?

D.E. Haggerty's Review

The Frenchman is the story of Jean LaChance’s flight from France into Lilly Parsons arms. LaChance is a professional criminal that made of the mistake of pairing up with Lilly’s bumbling man. When the partner stiffs LaChance, LaChance shows up at Lilly’s house. Instead of finding his wayward partner, he finds Lilly and her three children.

While LaChance waits for his partner to show with the money, he falls in love with Lilly and her family. But Lilly doesn’t trust her instincts and runs the first chance she gets. Only she’s run off with LaChance’s money. Now the law and LaChance are after Lilly. What happens when she’s found?

The storyline of this novel captured me. It’s refreshing to come across a book that isn’t written in the same cookie cutter formula of every other romance book out there. The characters were by and large believable, although Lilly’s mom was a bit over the top. I found the action slow at times, but this didn’t detract much from my reading pleasure.

I enjoyed the mystery element of the novel. The detective’s character was authentic. Although the reader was aware of the crime, it was interesting reading about the detective’s investigation and how his pursuit of Lilly progressed.

There were a few small things that bothered me about The Frenchman. The chapter titles annoyed me. They were too telling of what was going to happen, which is not a good thing in a mystery/suspense novel. There were also several stereotypes about the French, which made it painfully obvious that the author was not well-acquainted with the French.

I recommend this novel to romance lovers looking for a romance with a twist.

Review Disclaimer: Book provided in exchange for an honest review.