Changes to the Cover Wars/Scavenger Hunt campaign as we look to the future.

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With just about 30 books in August's Cover Wars, it's time to shut the gates and start accepting payment for September. A few changes are being made. One, there will no longer be a Scavenger Hunt option without a giveaway—well, sort of. Two, the price has gone up slightly. 

Slight price hike

When I say slight, I mean it. It's only going up by $2 and $5 respectively. So, Cover Wars by itself will cost $7, and the Cover Wars/Scavenger Hunt bundle will be $25.

For the work we've done with the Cover Wars side of it, $5 has been fair. The reason for the slight hike is that I would like to spend more time getting the authors together. We'll try to organize ourselves a little better. 

Even though there is only one first place winner, the success of the entire campaign hinges on the community. So, authors guest posting for one another, showcasing each other's covers, and so forth will be pursued. Let's make Cover Wars so successful that everyone in the indie world takes notice.

That will be good for everyone involved. 

It's about the community.

The reason for the slightly higher hike with the Scavenger Hunt is two-fold. First of all, I've felt like we've been almost giving away the farm the last few months ... the amount of work we put into the giveaway ... it's a lot. If an author wanted me to organize a giveaway for just one book, I would charge a lot more than $20, so $25 is still a discount.

But that's not the only reason.

Like what I said for all the covers about getting the authors more involved, I would like to do this especially for the giveaway books. The amount of work we do to make this campaign successful is great, but I think the group working as a whole can do a lot better.

I'll be communicating with the Scavenger Hunt authors, inviting them to guest post on the site. Or at least coordinating efforts on both sides of the fence a little better. Much more so than I've done in the past.

We might even explore the option of expanding the hunt beyond this site. Not sure how yet. It's a work in progress.

In any case, the eventual goal will be to turn this campaign into something that resembles a blog tour, and I dare you to find a blog tour for only $25. I'll give you a free promo if you can find a legitimate blog tour for that amount (and they have to be an actual outfit, not your friend willing to do it).

No more $15 option

In the past we've offered a $15 option. It was for Cover Wars and a Scavenger Hunt with no giveaway. We are no longer going to offer that option.

Few people order it each month. Perhaps two, maybe three. And for the ones that do, I feel like their books sort of get lost in the shuffle. Their book isn't featured in the post, and they don't have a prominent spot in the giveaway widget either.

For the ones that don't really want to give away a copy of their book, there will be another option: extra tweets (not recommended over the giveaway). 

To order a slot in September's 
Cover Wars/Scavenger Hunt, see this post.