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Back in May, DeeJay wrote this article, stating very well why we hate author interviews. In short ... THEY ARE BORING! Which is why I haven't done very many on this site.

However, I would like to change that, and I need your help.

In order to create an interview worth reading, we need some great material ... and lots of it. I'm not that much of a creative person—at least not for this sort of thing—so I need the amazing imaginations of authors ... namely, you guys.

And I'm more than willing to give you something for it.

Interviews on this site have suffered from boringitis, very much the same each time. These interviews are free so no harm is done. But I would like to have a much better interview system that I'll charge a small fee to put together. (Probably $10 or $15)

Of course, part of it will be a book promo.

What I need from you is question ideas. 

One random person (maybe a few more depending on how many questions we get) will get a free interview promo post. I will hand pick one other person to receive not only an interview promo but some Amazon tweets to promote their book directly.

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