Tattered Hearts Collection: Cole & Abi's Story by @QuiraQuin #romance

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Tattered Hearts Collection

Cole & Abi's Story

Written by Quira Quin

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Abigale Martin, Abi, has grown up in an abusive household. When Lucas saved her from her brothers abuse at school when they were both younger, then for years ignored her, she never thought anyone would try to save the stuttering geek from her own living nightmare. When Lucas pops up at a church picnic, she realizes he just might be her saving grace.

Six years later, Abi finds herself right back where she was as a child, she has turned into her mother. But when Abi realizes she has something worth fighting for, will that be enough to end her nightmare, or will she be forced to do something she will never recover from?

Colter Hudson, Cole, had it all, a fighting career that was taking him to the title fight, a beautiful woman by his side, family money, and a future of taking over the family business. Due to go live the life he always imagined when he turns twenty-five, his life is forever changed on one fateful night.

Cole's life has spiraled downward, and he is trying to become the man he once was. He has a strict set of rules he is following, and it seems to be working. He is not interested in anyone or anything that may disrupt his plan. What happens when everything he wanted is standing right in front of him, will he be able to be the man he was before his nightmare of a life changed him into a monster?

Cole can't stop the feelings he has, but his fear is keeping him away. Abi has to learn she is stronger than she thinks, and she has to fight for herself and her future. Will the past constantly haunt the present, or will the future not be able to be the dream both are looking for?

Pasts have to be overcome, before the future even stands a chance.

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Tattered Hearts Collection


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Fans are saying

I read this book in one day! I could not put the book down! I absolutely loved it!

The way the author pulls you into the life of the characters, you find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat rooting for the good guy and hoping against the bad guy!

The emotions you get when you read about Abi and how tragic her story begins and then it's kinda a Cinderella story where the prince saves the day and rescues her from being knocked up and homeless....all to have suspense over whether the prince will follow his heart or give in to his doubts.

I want so badly to already have book two available because at the very end it leaves you in suspense and the story takes a turn. I will definitely be waiting and looking for more of this collection.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone that likes a good romance and suspense all wrapped up in one story!

— tammi

Tattered Hearts grabbed me and wouldn't let go, it still hasn't. While reading this book, you can't help but cheer on Cole and Abi, they both are trying to figure out just what life has in store for them next.

Tattered Hearts does end with me wanting to go find Quira Quin and asking her to please hurry up with the next book, but so few books have me on edge for this long.

I mean that in a good way, there is the fear that this story might involve more of a love triangle, which I prefer not to read about (that is just me, being me), but all in all, the characters were so well written that I felt like I could really be friends with all of them, maybe be more open with some than others.

As soon as I finished this book, I messaged Quira Quin, saying how much I enjoyed the book, but that she better hurry up with the next one. Read it, you'll see why. ;)

Author Bio

Quira Quin

What to say? I love to read and write. My wonderful husband along with my 5 daughters and 4 sons and I live on a farm. We bred and race thoroughbreds and play in a metal shop for fun. Depending on the time of year, if I am not reading or writing. I can be found in the garden, workshop or with our horses or playing in the hills.

I am often overwhelmed, doing too many things at once.... That is not good for a space case... :0)