Would you like to join the Masquerade Crew Book Club?

In order to encourage people to come to this site and check out the books we review and promote, I'm creating a book club. Members will be rewarded for participating with the Masquerade Crew.

This is an idea I've been trying to get going for a while. It started with a post about Book Recommendations in your Email. Then, the idea changed and I blogged about another idea: a book bomb book club.

This post is an update (some of the original info has changed).

Features of the Book Club

Book club members will earn rewards points for various activities which will be used to redeem prizes, mostly books although other prizes such as gift cards may be available.

To encourage regular participation in the site, club members will have access to a wide variety of point earning opportunities.

  • Browsing 
  • Tweeting 
  • Book Buying 
  • Voting in Polls 
  • Blog Tour Hosting*

*Requires a separate sign up, though the points earned will be for the book club.

One of the things that club members will vote on and thus have a say about is which books will be picked up as books of the week. When a book is the book of the week, buying it during a particular period of time will earn more points.

The book of the week feature is still in the planning stages (as are a lot of the features mentioned on this page). I'm waiting until there's enough interest in the club.

Email Correspondence

Club members will receive regular emails. They will receive an email for the following situations.

  • When it's time to vote on which books will be books of the week.
  • When a book from one of their favorite genres is the book of the week.
  • When we are paid to promote a book in one of their favorite genres.
  • When a free book is being promoted to the entire book club.

Voting emails will be sent out by themselves very seldom. I may mention a current vote in an email about something else.

I've started sending out promotional emails for books that are free on Amazon. I send out the email the first day of the free run (if my schedule permits it). Points are earned for downloading the book.

So, even if it isn't a genre you read, check it out just to earn points. You might find something you would like to try.

Note: Although anyone is welcome to join, only Amazon.com will be accepted for book purchases at the moment. Once this feature grows, I'll add Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.ca.

Sign Up

Here are the genres you can sign up for:

  • Mystery
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Young Adult
  • Historical
  • Horror
  • Erotica
  • Literary
  • Realistic (real life, no fantasy elements)
  • General Fiction (that doesn't fit into one of the above genres)
  • Non-Fiction