The Letter D is for Dogs. @lincolnatoz nominated @muncasterunited #atozchallenge

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Our theme for the A to Z challenge is authors who are more than just writers.

D is for Dogs

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Muncaster United and its followers are underdogs, the story that Robert has produced, goes to illustrate the animals he cares for when rescuing Dogs. The hours he spends each day caring for and rehabilitating these animals can be translated in the love he has for his characters, that no matter what is thrown at them, they will ultimately pull through. 

When not writing his hilarious adventures of Muncaster United and their loyal followers Robert, along with his partner, spends all of his time helping others, no matter how many legs they have. As well as being a Foster Parent, Robert rescues dogs. 

Both of these involve putting others first, so if its helping with homework, being a glorified taxi, walking numerous dogs twice a day or working in the charity shop that helps fund the dogs survival, nothing is too much trouble. 

How he finds time to write is beyond me.