Some "B" comments but many "A" as well. #AtoZChallenge

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A secondary theme of posts for the A to Z challenge is a listing of the blogs I'm visiting and commenting on. I skip ones that haven't posted recently or have themes I don't want to see.

The following are the blogs I visited going into the "B" day, which is why there are several comments from "A" posts. Only a couple "B" posts, in fact.

  1. A is for Audiobooks: My New Love Affair
  2. #atozchallenge : A for Action #fiction #writing #quotes
  3. Doodling to jazz, an A To Z Challenge: A ~> Dorothy Ashby: My Favorite Things
  4. A to Z Challenge–A is for Active
  5. B - Black Widow - A to Z Challenge [2014]
  6. Awards are Worthless
  7. A - Zing Behind the Scenes + IWSG
  8. Flash: Cleansing Team (Part 2) - Target Up — don't think it was an A to Z post, but the writing style makes it worth the visit.
  9. Are we there yet?
  10. April Already
  11. Bluets (links to the main page)
  12. A is for Abiding (a religious post, but not overly preachy)