In over their heads. THE PACK by @C_W_Schultz #mystery #murder

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The Pack

Written by C. W. Schultz

Genre: Murder Mystery

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A group of six friends realize their in over their heads when they take a stab a doing business with local gangs.

Sigmund "Siggy" Farris and his five friends form a group called The Pack as a fun way to make some extra dough under-the-table by offering such services as bookmaking, event planning and organized gambling.

The Pack is an unexpected success and eventually turns into a serious business with good money. But the tight-knit group soon find themselves in far more treacherous waters for bigger bucks and more power, forming partnerships with other organized crime groups. Soon their lives spiral into a frenzy of betrayal and murder.

Conscience and righteousness are soon abandoned for survival. Layered with dozens of characters, each of whom drive the plot from beyond the concept that crime doesn't pay to the irresistible craving of power and wealth.

There are people who live in a hostile lifestyle because they have no choice, and there are also those who choose this path to gain respect and importance they somehow couldn't find in the "honest" world.

"THE PACK" examines both kinds of people. The six major characters are unwilling to accept that some things in life are inevitable; and in taking justice into their own hands, their fate turns out to be far grimmer than if they had turned a blind eye.

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The Pack


Author Bio

C. W. Schultz

C. W. Schultz is the pseudonym for novelist Calen Sifferman. He was born in Seattle, Washington in 1985. 

In January 2011, the author began writing his third novel "Jill", which was released on Friday, December 7, 2012. 

In April 2013, Schultz's short horror story "The Stairwell", was released in the eighth issue of Sirens Call Publications. 

He has plans for an ongoing series of children's books, which is merely a sign that he is expanding his horizons and should not be interpreted as him taking all his future writings down a tamer path. In fact, a fourth novel, which Schultz claims will not be suitable for children (just like his other three novels), is planned for release no later than 2016.