Ben and his kidnapped son. @panzerama nominated @rebeccademarest #AtoZChallenge

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Our theme for the A to Z challenge is authors who are more than just writers.

B is for Ben and his Kidnapped Son

Dead letters and deferred dreams are the core mechanics of Undeliverable, the first novel of Rebecca Demarest. Her principal character, Ben, find himself circling a drain, delaying the inevitable collapse as his obsession with his kidnapped son drives him mad. 

Service is a core part of Rebecca's ethic, and one dollar of each paperback sale of Undeliverable will go to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, so that no child is lost to limbo, but may be Returned, happily, to their loving Sender. Charity, after all, is the hallmark of a hero.

Bonus B

Mia "Bad Ass" Darien is not only my most wonderfully crazy editor. She is also a fellow author and a friend. On top of that, she is the Indie Interviewer for the Masquerade Crew, and I'm telling you, I love this lady. She's sweet and patient, but also fiery and blunt. Can't hate on it!

Last Summer, she dragged a group of us authors together and published a cat shifter anthology where all of the proceeds go to a feline shelter in Indiana. She has more of these planned and she already knows I'm in!

Smart, talented and downright bad ass...that's Mia Darien!
—Nominated by DeeJay