"Couldn't put the book down." Mirrored by @DaliaFlorea #suspense #thriller

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Written by Dalia Florea

Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

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When the body of a teenage girl is found brutally raped and murdered in the Lincoln Houses, Nicole Watkins is assigned to investigate and report the story.

Nicole moved to New York three years ago to start a new life after a divorce from her cheating husband Michael. She had no plans of becoming involved or ever giving her heart away to another man until she meets the incredibly handsome homicide detective Andre Moore.

Andre Moore is a seasoned homicide detective; however, this particular case has him shaken which leaves Nicole suspecting that he knows more about the case than he’s willing to share.

Although Nicole finds Detective Moore captivating, she also discovers that he is just as complicated and mysterious as the case of the murders. Nicole cannot deny her love and passion for Andre; however, she is unsure if it will survive the mystery that lies behind him.

This is story of loss, love and honor that is full of surprises, as you are taken through their journey of love, murder investigations, and hidden secrets.

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Fans are saying

I truly enjoyed this book from its beautiful cover to the surprising end.

This is the story of news reporter, Nicole Watson, who, after getting a divorce from her no good cheating ex, moves from Charlotte to New York to start a new life. She secures a position at News Today and soon finds herself covering a gruesome murder with the help of one very attractive detective, Andre Moore, whom she has the pleasure of interviewing.

Her curmudgeon of a boss actually compliments her article, and it seems that things are looking up for her, not only on her job, but with the detective as well. Instant attraction on both sides. Sounds like all is right with her world, doesn't it?

Not so fast...it turns out that the good detective has a deeper involvement in the murder case than it originally seemed, and...

I'll let you read the rest for yourself. You will enjoy this interesting cast of characters from her boss to her friends, and Andre's strange family.

Author Dalia Florea has a down-to-earth writing style with just the right touch of spice that you're guaranteed to enjoy.

I'm looking forward to reading more from the mind of this creative author.

I love surprise endings and that's all I can say about that.

I bought this book because of the cover. I was curious. I wanted to know what it was all about. A simple blossom, mirrored.

Then, I began reading the story and couldn't put the book down. This book has a cast of characters that won't disappoint.

An easy read, this author did a fabulous job drawing me into the story with her storytelling finesse.

I highly recommend this book.

Author Bio

Dalia Florea

Dalia Florea writes fiction. 

She believes that growing up in New York, obtaining a degree in psychology and having a nursing background have all helped her to mold and get into the hearts and minds of her characters. 

She loves to read all genres, but favors suspense romance like the Marie Force Fatal Affair series. In addition to reading and writing she enjoys solving Sudoku and cryptogram quotes, attending jazz concerts and visiting wineries in and around her northern Virginia home. 

Dalia has parlayed her love of suspense romance novels into her first published work, Mirrored, and has a short story and a novel in the works.