3.5 on the Masq Scale! Away With the Fairies by @JennyTwist1 #fantasy #bookreview

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Away With the Fairies

Written by Jenny Twist

Genre: Fantasy, Fairy Tales

Lucy likes to stare at the wall. Her mother thinks she is suffering from petit mal but Granny McCurdle says, “ Och, she's away wi' the fairies again.” 

Nobody takes this literally until Lucy disappears. Her sister knows where she's gone, but who would believe her? Can she really be away with the fairies?

Walki's Review

Lucy is suffering from 'petit mal'. Her grandmother says that Lucy is 'away with the fairies'. When Lucy disappears, June is not sure how to tell their parents where her sister has gone to.

'Away with the Fairies' is an easy-reading short story, but not what I expected. Nicely written, it brings to mind the questionability of reality and its multiple potential definitions. Is it delusion or reality? Is it 'petit mal' or is it Fairyland? And who can you tell without sounding crazy?

'Away with the Fairies' is a nice quick read to keep you patient when your bus is late and you need something to fend off boredom.

Review Disclaimer: Book provided in exchange for an honest review.