"Swept along on a powerful spiritual ride." Seven Fish Tree by @RonGizmo

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Seven Fish Tree

Written by Ron Shaw

Genre(s): Fiction, Spiritual, Apocalyptic



Mankind's ultimate questions are answered. Are we worthy? Are we ready?

On a pleasant fall day in 2013, Rod Travis, a retired Atlanta police captain, encounters two miracles that will ultimately alter the lives of every being on earth.

Jon Huna recruits Rod with revelations, cryptic promises, and deals too good to be true- more like ranting presented by a pleasant messenger.

In Seven Fish Tree, nothing will ever be the same for either man.

Rod initially anticipates financial gains from the purchase of a miracle. Jon expects his promised reward for the conclusion of his works, which have spanned centuries. Neither man will receive what they expect as they embark upon the greatest mission in the history of the world.

As the clock ticks, both men work tirelessly to assemble a team that must assist ushering mankind to the miracles, but possibly to their deaths. Beware of the questions asked; for the first time, they will be answered. Can mankind handle the ultimate truths? Time may tell.

An excerpt from

Seven Fish Tree

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Fans are saying

God Works In Mysterious Ways

I just finished reading this book and I was completely blown away by the visuals I perceived while turning the pages. Ron Shaw, a retired police captain, stated that the entire story came from a dream or a near death experience. What a wonderful, frightening vision of what could occur to those of us here on earth, living in the presence of God every day.

The vivid details of his trip to heaven, guided by a 480 year old man were striking, considering Ron professes he is no writer. His descriptions of a glimpse or two into God's kingdom, hearing God speak, and enlightening us of what could come at any moment is quite revealing. The story made me wonder about what might happen when I am ushered to Heaven someday.

Will I see family members and friends who have gone before? Will I once again be able to play with my dog, Riley? Will I even be one of the fortunate ones to attain everlasting life with Him? Many questions and no answers, except for the ones Ron Shaw offers us in Seven Tree Fish.

I highly recommend this wonderful book and if you do read it, please pass it on to a friend. I intend to do that very soon.

Swept along on a powerful spiritual ride

I just finished reading “Seven Fish Tree” by Ron Shaw. One night, Mr. Shaw, a retired police officer, had a powerful life-changing event in the form of a dream or vision or near-death experience. This event continues to impact him to this day. “Seven Fish Tree” is both biographical and spiritual in nature and has an important message. For readers who have had similar spiritual experiences,

Mr. Shaw’s descriptions of his trip to Heaven, seeing his loved ones, and hearing the voice of God, will feel so familiar. For those who have not had this type of experience, you will be swept along on a ride with such powerful descriptions, your heart will be touched and you will have a new view point of life after life. Thank you for sharing your amazing spiritual adventure Ron Shaw.

Author Bio

Ron Shaw

Ron Shaw, born 1951, Atlanta native, retired Atlanta Police Captain, BA English Literature from Georgia State University, married for 41 years with one child, resides in Gwinnett County, GA. Busy since early October 2013 writing great books.