3 of my Triberr Pet Peeves

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Triberr is an immensely helpful tool when it comes to blog promotion. What better way to promote a blog than to have other bloggers promote it for you? It's a genius system. Having said that, though, there are a few problems with the system—none of them having to do with the service itself—but rather the people who use it.

The following are a few of my Triberr pet peeves. Since I'm the kind of triberr-mate who usually shares everything, I may still share your post if you fall into one of these categories. But if I am in a mood or on a war path, you won't get a share from me.

1. Those who never share.

Some of these people have been part of Triberr for a while. Perhaps they have dropped off the map but are still blogging. If it happens enough, I will simply mute them.

If the person is new to Triberr or to the tribe in question, I will usually give them the benefit of the doubt.

I haven't muted anyone in a while. Usually I just "hide" their post and move on. They still get some shares this way—just not as many as those who share in return.

2. Those who use ALL CAPS for their entire blog post title.

This one drives me up a wall. When the blog post is promoted on Twitter it looks as though we are screaming at our followers. Usually I don't care what I share with my followers, but if I am in a watchful mood, this one will usually get a pass from me.

So, please, use ALL CAPS sparingly. If you use it for your entire post title, it ends up highlighting nothing. It just makes you look amateur.

3. Those who start their post title with a Twitter Handle.

Perhaps there are many who don't know this (after all, I didn't learn it until after being on Twitter for a few years). So, listen up people!

If you start a tweet with a Twitter Handle, Twitter sees that as a conversation with that person. The only people that see it are those that follow both accounts. When this is done with a blog post title, that severely limits who sees it.

Some bloggers will put a period in front of the handle. Although this does solve the visibility problem, it looks tacky to me. So, my strong suggestion is to find another way to incorporate the handle elsewhere in the title. You'll probably have a better title because of it.

What are some of your Triberr pet peeves?