Authors, pay attention: 3 excellent reasons to participate in our monthly Cover Wars campaign.

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There are 3 very important reasons why authors should participate in our monthly Cover Wars campaign.

1. It's cheap.

I mean really cheap. It only costs $5 to put your cover into the mix. (Or you can buy our deluxe promo package and get Cover Wars in the package, making it slightly cheaper in the long run.)

2. It gives you a platform.

Your followers and fans will quickly get tired of you pushing your books in their faces. And although there are other ways to present your books without being annoying, simply asking for a vote is a simple way to do it. Plus, it doesn't require any creativity on your part. Unless you want to be creative.

With your platform, you can tweet, leave messages on Facebook (including groups you are a part of), and blog about the campaign. And this leads to the third excellent reason to participate in our monthly Cover Wars campaign.

3. Author cross promotion (AKA networking)

By bringing your followers and fans to the campaign, you aren't just promoting your book. You are showcasing the other books in the campaign. In fact, since each person can vote for more than one book per day, you could always team up with another author to increase your votes.

Do you run out of simple blogging topics? Showcase one of the covers in Cover Wars, telling your followers why you like the cover. This way you could ask for a vote for your book each day (or as often as you showcase other covers).

The options are near endless. Well worth the $5 I ask to put it all together.

Sign up for the next Cover Wars here.
(If you sign up after May's campaign starts, you'll be featured in June.)