Attention Romance Readers: we NEED your HELP!

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Do you enjoy reading romance?

I ask because there's a hole in our review crew. We get lots of requests for romance books from authors, but romance isn't a favorite genre among our current crew members.

Would you like to join our crew?

Getting to read all the romance books you can get your hands on is only one of the perks. (Well, you can read other genres too if you want.) In addition to that, we're working on a gift card giveaway system for our review crew.

A way of saying thanks for all of their hard work.

Even if you are new to our crew, we'll be happy to say thanks as well in the same manner. So, join today!

There's no minimum number of reviews required. Read what you want, when you want. (Though reading more often will give you a greater chance of winning a gift card.)

We really only have two requirements, and neither one of them are life altering.

  1. Are you willing to write an honest review without bashing either the book or the author? (This doesn't mean we don't allow negative reviews. On the contrary, say what you need to say but do so in a respectful tone.)
  2. Are you willing to post your review on Amazon? (We used to post reviews to my Amazon account, but as our crew grew, that became no longer feasible.)

If you said YES to both of the above questions, we will gladly accept your request for entry. (I make it sound like we have some formal system of acceptance or whatnot. We don't. Not really.)

And although this shouldn't need to be said, if you are already a member of our crew, no need to re-join. If I didn't say it, someone would forget and sign up again. Weird how our brains work that way sometimes.