#Authors, submit your book for review. pic.twitter.com/mocsRmvHDi

Right now we don't have a review crew. Well, the readers of the crew are probably waiting, but the one who organized them for me has stepped down. I personally don't have time to manage a crew, but I've thought of the next best thing.


Instead of having us handle your book, that will be your job now. I'll list your book. I'll email the review crew. But that's where I'm done.

If a reader is interested in your book, they will get in contact with you. If there's a problem with a review or a reviewer, the author will have to get in contact with me. I'll do what I can if that happens.

There is a caveat with this new request system.

To make it easier on the readers requesting, the author has to have a Twitter account. And so does the reader.

Requesting review copies from authors can be time consuming and confusing. I want to cut out both of those attributes. A simple tweet to alert the author that a request is being made. That's it.

To see what a listing will look like and to see how the tweet request will be done, see this post.

Listing your book will be free for the time being. If this idea works, I'll figure out a system for charging. However, I plan for there to always be a free way to get listed. Time will tell.

To request a book review, CLICK HERE. (The secret word has already been filled out for you.)