Shouldn't get involved w/ her business partners, should she? @AnyaBSummers #erotica

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They're her business partners, so she shouldn't get involved. Should she?

Two Doms For Kara

Dungeon Fantasy Club Series

by Anya Summers

Genre/Keyword(s): Romance, Contemporary, Erotic, BDSM, Spanking, Menage



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They're her business partners, so she shouldn't get involved. Should she?

Kara Lowe is the successful owner of Bridal Dreams, where she works with happy couples to make their special day a fantasy come true. When she is asked to oversee the wedding of a lifetime on the other side of the world, she knows she needs to rely on the two men she's recently gone into business with to ensure the elite couple’s wedding goes off without a hitch. What she doesn’t expect is for her two partners to decide that, in the wild hills of Scotland, anything goes—including all of her pent-up inhibitions.

Zeke Driscoll and Chase Manning have desired Kara for years; since well before their merger with Bridal Dreams. When a unique getaway wedding presents itself on the books, they decide the Dungeon Fantasy Club is the perfect place to unravel their partner’s sweet beauty and uncover the submissive they know is hiding inside her, just waiting to be let out. The two Doms will test Kara’s boundaries, knowing they’ve found the submissive to hold their hearts.

As Kara begins to lose her heart, she must face the reality of their ménage relationship. Will she be brave enough to commit to a lifetime with her two Doms?


The silver placard on the dark walnut door gave her pause. Embossed in black lettering with the new swirly logo Chase had designed, it read: Bridal Dreams, Inc. Shaking her head, Kara tentatively opened the door, breathing a sigh of relief when she didn't spot either of her partners in the reception area.

Screw it!

Kara made a mad dash for her office, her one objective being to avoid her partners until she'd stripped off the stained blouse and changed into attire that didn't make her look like a clumsy moron. She had some of her workout gear stored in her tote. The black workout tank in her bag would work well enough, she could pair it with her blazer. While not ideal, it would have to do until lunchtime, where she could hit up the department store around the corner and purchase a top that was infinitely more appropriate work couture. The normal patrons of Bridal Dreams expected a certain level of decorum. It wouldn't do to have their elite clientele walk in when she was looking less than her best. Even though she faked it most days.

Setting the almost empty coffee mug on her desk, she stripped off her navy blazer, and pulled the tails of her blouse from inside her matching pencil skirt. She unbuttoned her blouse and grimaced at her white lace bra. Some of the coffee had seeped through onto the material. Her nipples were visible through the now see-through material.

The door to her office swung open. ""Hey, Kara, if you're ready we—""

Zeke Driscoll, aka the man who could play Thor's demi-god brother with his smoldering blue eyes, chiseled jaw, and wealth of dirty blonde hair, stopped short at the sight of her without her blouse. His lean, six foot frame filled her office doorway, shielding her body from the rest of the office. His electric blue gaze ran over her half-naked form with a long lingering stop.

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