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How To Write A Book Blurb or Is Your Book Blurb Too Blabby?

by @KathyGoldenKG

Too many book blurbs convince readers they've already read a story and there's no reason to purchase it or read any more about it. This post explains how to avoid writing blurbs full of the spoilers that keep readers from previewing and/or buying an author's book.

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3 Awesome Tips on Crafting Great Character Descriptions

by @SherrySoule

Tips for Fiction Writers on describing realistic characters

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12 Secrets of Writing a Good Blog Post

by @sthieme

Writing good blog posts isn't terribly difficult, as long as you observe a few basic rules. Sneak peek: Practice, practice, practice!

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How Not To Get Shafted

by @JessSFrankel

Essentially, it's a very brief primer on how to go about finding a publisher. It briefly details what an author should watch out for and who they should consult before submitting their work.

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