Cheaper advertising options from The Masquerade Crew

It's time for an advertising upgrade.

The biggest reason for an upgrade is that my schedule has changed, which has limited my online time. I need an upgraded system that I can use in less time. I need to put out posts quicker, in other words.

The second reason is almost as important. When someone buys a deluxe package, they often forget to fill out all the forms. Though I'm sure my descriptions aren't perfect, I do outline what needs to be done to get all of your purchased content. I don't have the time to remind authors what they have missed.

So, the new system will have everything in one form. I should be able to put things together faster, and authors won't have to fill out more than one form per purchase.

Another Major Change

Since Twitter changed its tweet count system, I've drastically lowered the number of tweets that go out. To compensate for the less amount of work I'm doing, the promos will all be cut in price and more content will be delivered per package.

(Don't worry. There's still plenty of tweets to garner attention to the post.)

The basic package is $10, and the deluxe is a mere $25 (which was the old basic price).

What You Get

Basic: A promo post with the option of including an excerpt, a custom synopsis, an embedded preview of the novel from Amazon, and an optional embedded YouTube video (one that the author submits).

Deluxe: A basic promo (as above), a classified style short promo, two optional (previously published) guest posts, a top ten guest post, and two interviews.

As you can tell, the deluxe package is almost like having a blog tour, except all of the posts will be included on this site. However, I am more than happy to have people use content on this site, so if you would like to have people copy posts from this site, by all means do so.

Also, the content you provide for the top ten list and the two interviews does not have to be original. It can be from your blog, a blog tour you've done, or just about anywhere else.

Less Money ... but with a Caveat

Since I'm offering so much for so little, I am asking authors to do a little bit more work for me. (Part of the time saving aspect of this system.)

First, I am not going to fetch a synopsis from Amazon. There's space on the form for authors (or an agent of the author) to do this.

Long excerpts will no longer be taken. There's space on the form for a short excerpt (3 or 4 good sized paragraphs). If an author wants to present a longer excerpt, they can use one of their guest post links. Remember, though, a preview from Amazon will also be used, which includes a very long excerpt ... except that people have to click to see it.

One More Caveat
And this one is IMPORTANT!

Instead of me spending time trying to format answers that have multiple paragraphs, I want the author to tell me where the paragraphs are. There's a lot of technical jargon I'm going to skip over, but if you put two paragraphs in a form blank like the following (with each paragraph on its own line like normal)...

This is the first paragraph.
This is the second. will look like this when I go to format it.

"This if the first paragraph. This is the second paragraph."

I don't know an easy way to get rid of the quotation marks. And what's worse is your content is in one massive paragraph. It's the nature of spreadsheets, and workarounds I've researched would add more time, not take it away. So, I'm coming up with a workaround of my own.

If you want paragraphs to look correctly on your post, you must submit them this way.

First of all, do not skip lines on the form. All your paragraphs have to be together. One big paragraph in other words. I will separate them when I am formatting the post, but I don't want to have to guess where the paragraphs should separate, so ...

Second, put an asterisk (SHIFT-8 on a PC) in-between paragraphs, like the following example.

This is the first paragraph.*This is the second.

I will search for asterisks and when I find one, I will know to start a new paragraph there (and delete the asterisk, of course).

Other Nitty Gritty Stuff

There is no more date option. I run the promos in the order in which I get them. I do not promise to have any particular promo up by a certain date or a certain time of day.

That's not what my advertising is about. What you do get with me that you don't get with others is that I will continue to promote your post for a LONG TIME. It's not unheard for me to send tweets out about posts from more than a year ago. Or even older.

Because of the nature of my advertising, I do not promote sales or free periods anymore. The same goes with giveaways. All of that stuff has been turned off due to my new schedule.

I do not email you to let you know I have your payment, and I also won't email you to let you know that I need something. If you forgot to include it, it simply won't be included in your content.

You are more than welcome to email me, but I won't respond to queries about whether I have your payment or whether the forms were filled out correctly. If you have a question before the fact, that is a different matter altogether. Ask away, and I will do my best to help you.

However, don't necessarily expect a prompt reply. I don't get online every day of the week. It might take a while for me to even see your email.

Here's my email for reference:

Secret Word

Both on the Paypal Form (which is ON THIS PAGE, not the Paypal website) as well as the Google form, we ask for a secret word. We use this to match up your payment with your package details you submit via form. Choose something other authors aren't likely to choose — perhaps something unique to either you or one of your books.

After you have paid, fill out the form at this link.