Would you enjoy reading a book series like this?


While watching TV a while back, I got to thinking about what shows would make a good book series. Of course, the obvious answer would be any of the crime shows. Any mystery series, especially those that involve murder, already emulate such shows. I have seen books for CSI, and I'm sure if there are any others out there, they do well (though perhaps not best sellers).

But what about Falling Skies?

The show has all the elements needed for a great show (and thus a great book series): action, romance, well developed, diversified characters, an interesting plot, and dialog that sounds like what people would really say in such situations.

But there is one thing against it which works well as a TV show but perhaps not as well as a book series.

Although each episode is a complete story in a sense, the major plot of the entire series is only advanced a little bit with each episode. Some sub plots are taken care of in one episode while others take a few episodes to play out. Most of them relate to the main plot, of course.

In other words, you kind of have to watch each episode to know what's going on, whereas with other shows you can watch episodes out of order and it won't matter much.

My question to you is simple: would you enjoy reading a book series that follows the same pattern as Falling Skies, always leaving questions to be answered in the following book(s), the main plot of the story stretching over a dozen books or more?