"GANGSTER is a captivating tale."



Written by M. Jones

Genre: Science Fiction

Book Synopsis

From the dark, basement speakeasies of 1926 Chicago, to the decadent parties of the Hollywood elite, psychopathic Clara slices her way through various people across America in her quest for fame.

Brought along for the whirlwind ride of her murderous rampage, her enigmatic alien companion patiently waits for the opportunity to find his own target, a former friend set for assassination. He doesn’t understand Clara’s random need to destroy, but then, he is new to this strange, human landscape of murderers and victims. He can’t wait to simply do his job and leave this vicious world behind.

Humans. They’re a bloodthirsty lot.

Walki's Rating

Walki's Review

‘Gangster’ is a road trip from Chicago to California, from a speakeasy in a basement to a party on a beach, from one dead body to the next at the tip of Clara’s switchblade.

1926. 20-year-old Clara dreams of fame and success as a film star. Frankie, an alien sent to Earth for a mission, drinks motor oil like humans drink alcohol. Clara is rather psychotic and very experienced with a switchblade, while Frankie, almost a wimp, has a target to execute and will not willingly kill, despite his need to renew his body host.

They are unlikely travel companions and symbiotic at the same time. Frankie needs Clara because she claims to know where his target is, and she won’t hesitate to kill and provide a new body host to his jelly form. Clara needs Frankie maybe because, stifled with principles, he is a passive witness to her actions, like a punter watching a film on a screen.

‘Gangster’ is a captivating tale that will make you miss the bus you are waiting for, if you let its words insinuate and unwind and twist and foxtrot through your mind at the bus stop. M. Jones’s style could be described with the same words one of her characters uses to describe Clara. It is “like that motor oil, slick and black as death and just as smooth when it goes down.”

Disclaimer: May not be appropriate for young children due to violence.