"This book captivated me from the start."


Blood And Guitars

Written by Heather Jensen

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

Book Synopsis

When Aurora meets Trey, a famous singer and musician, she's only hoping to get her fill of human blood for the week. The last thing Aurora expects is for Trey to make her feel alive for the first time since she was, well, alive. It begins with a casual painting lesson at her art studio, The Waking Moon, and quickly turns into a forbidden romance. Aurora is forced to hide her true identity from Trey, while keeping her relationship with the human a secret from other vampires in her Brood.

Trey's band is recording a new album and with Aurora as his muse, Trey is writing songs like never before. After being hired by their record label to paint the cover of the new album, Aurora has a legitimate reason for spending so much time with Trey and his band mates. Aurora can't deny the unexpected connection she has with Trey, which is fueled by glimpses into his emotions every time they share a kiss. Caught between two worlds, Aurora must attend celebrity award shows and vampire rituals, find time to feed, and protect Trey from the dangers of the night, all while preserving her secrets.

Ruby's Rating

Ruby's Review

I am totally in love with vampire books. That being said this book captivated me from the start.

It took me time to get through the book just because of life in general got in my way. I would try to read when I could which was mostly when I should have been asleep and would end up going to bed at least 2 hours late each time I did that. Finally I sat down one day and I told everyone I was busy and wasn't going to do anything else till I finished the book and that's what I did!

As soon as I finished the book and it ended on a cliff hanger I immediately went to see if the next book is out and to my excitement it is out! So I will be buying in after payday to see what happens next.

Trey sounds amazingly sexy and some eye candy I would love to see around. Not only sexy but caring too! I just have this urge to recreate his painting.

Disclaimer: May not be appropriate for young children due to a mature theme.