If you have donated to the Masquerade Crew ...


Since I'll be rolling out a new, hopefully improved advertising program soon, I wanted to get a message out to everyone who has donated to the Masquerade Crew. I've sent emails to every donor through the email address you provided to Paypal but have only been in communication with a few of you.

Between now and the time the new advertising program rolls out, I'm trying to make sure I settle accounts with each donor by either promoting your book, website, or a service you provide.

If there is something particular you wanted me to do for you, please email me.


Here's a tip: check your Junk folder occasionally. I think that's why some of the donors haven't emailed me back. They never got my message in the first place.

In fact, add my address to your contact list so that my messages don't get forwarded/junked by your email provider's SPAM protection. Unless you think I'm spam, of course. But, then, you wouldn't have donated, would you?