Who is deceiving who in this fast moving ride? Knockout! by @EmmaCalin


Synopsis: Interpol cop, Anna Leyton, spirals down into a hopeless vortex of sexual and emotional passion as she fights to keep her professional cool. Who is deceiving who in this fast moving ride across continents? What motivates her art loving prize-bull of a lover Freddie La Salle? The power of love and trust stands against greed and crime as conflicting forces grapple for that knockout punch.

A little from the author

This is a 1 minute 40 seconds trailer for my romance novel Knockout!. It is designed to set the scene for the book - with hints at dilemmas, mystery and passion from the plot to whet the reader's appetite as well as to advertise the cover and sales channels for the book.

The video is on Youtube and is also embedded on my Amazon Author pages and my website and blog.

The trailer was made in collaboration with a friend of mine who has slightly more experience than me on a computer. It is amazing how long it takes to put together even a short trailer!!!" "The text slides were created up by my friend and the images were a mixture of photos that I had in an album plus some copyright free images found across the internet.

The short video clip was meant to be blurred and so was recorded using a cheap camera of a fight scene from Youtube - filmed off the computer screen.

The music was downloaded from a free-music site. There are a few sound effects too and these were downloaded from a free site.

The software had lots of special transitions and treatments of the pictures that hopefully make it more interesting than a straight 'slide show'. The danger though, as always as an amateur is getting carried away and putting in too many whizzes and bangs - the first version lasted about 3 minutes which is way too long and even now I wonder if this version is not slick enough.

One True Media was the main software vehicle for creating the movie. We used this as another author had produced an impressive book trailer - she recommended it to us, having tried various other software products but being impressed with this one in particular. It is free for videos up to 30 seconds long - not quite long enough for us - so we have an annual subscription for $39.99 which gives us up to an hour per video(!). My son assures me there are other free packages out there that would do a similar job - it's just we know this one and so its easier to stick with the familiar rather than go through another learning curve.

It takes a while to get the hang of it (like most things!) but we have vastly improved our skills and subsequent videos have been much quicker to put together.

The soundtrack was created using Audacity (free software!) - so that we could layer in the sound effects with the music. At the time we did not have a microphone - but now we do, so future productions will undoubtedly have voice over as well. This is fairly easy to use - once you have learned the basics.

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