"H10N1 is refreshingly well written, so much so that it could pass for having been professionally published."


by M. R. Cornelius

Genre: General Fiction Thriller

Book Synopsis

A deadly influenza virus rages out of control. There is no easy-fix vaccine. No eleventh-hour containment. Only death. With no workforce, power plants are unmanned so there’s no means of communication; police and fire departments have collapsed so no one is safe; looters are scavenging everything from big-screen TVs to canned peas.

When Dr. Taeya Sanchez finds herself unceremoniously dismissed from an emergency medical facility in New York, she decides to steal the hospital’s armored van for a midnight escape.

Unfortunately, Rick DeAngelo, a driver for the hospital, has already stocked the van for his own getaway. Thrown into an unfriendly alliance, these two must pick their way across the dangerous wasteland of America in search of a safe haven. And as the miles roll by, they discover that the living should be feared much more than the festering corpses out there.

Bec's Rating

Bec's Review

This book starts by jumping into the story mid infection. The disease has already ravaged much of the world and now we are left with the after effect of gangs, looting and every man for himself. As such it is not a story of disease but one of survival in a world turned upside down. The first few chapters of the book set up this world before we move into the meat of the story, Taeya’s dismissal and as a result her and Rick being thrown together as they both try to escape.

I was very quickly drawn into this book, wanting to know more about the world left behind in the wake of disease and the characters I had been introduced to. As they faced problems and countless threats to their lives I found myself hoping that they would make it through alive. What I found most interesting was the way the characters themselves changed and grew throughout the story, especially as we learned more about them and their past. It was easy to share Taeya’s disgust at Rick at the beginning of the novel but over time I found my opinion of him slowly changing.

H10N1 is refreshingly well written, so much so that it could pass for having been professionally published. If you didn’t know any better you’d struggle to believe this was a self-published book. The characters take on a life of their own, the story pulls you in and the whole time you find yourself rooting for the good guys. If you enjoy post-apocalyptic novels then this may be one for you.

Disclaimer: Not recommended for children due to violence.