Twitter Tip: Using ALL CAPS? #twittertips

The internet is full of experts, and they say a lot of things. 
Much of it you can agree with, but certainly not all.

I have found this to be true about advice for using Twitter. A lot of what experts say is common sense, and I can easily agree with it. Other things I agree with to a point ... or even occasionally disagree with completely.

Let's take a look at advice on using ALL CAPS.

Don't use ALL CAPS—EVER.
Good advice?

Because it is akin to shouting, I agree that you should never use ALL CAPS for an entire tweet. Unless you are tweeting the word OK ... and I question the use of that as a tweet. No, not really.

However, there are acceptable times to use ALL CAPS. But hidden between the lines of the original advice to not use it, there are still precautions.

For example, some authors like to use ALL CAPS for their book titles. This can work. But it doesn't work all the time. If your title is too long, the annoyance of ALL CAPS may still visit you.

Book bloggers sometimes take it a step further, one I think is too far. They will not only use ALL CAPS for the title but also for the author's name. The tweet may not say much else, in which case you get too many words in ALL CAPS.


I think the bottom line for ALL CAPS is to use it judiciously. It should never be used to make your tweet stand out from other tweets. Rather, you should use it to make a word or two (probably not many more than that) stand out within a tweet.

And even then, don't do it with every tweet. Save it for the special ones.

What are your thoughts about ALL CAPS?
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