"A wonderful book for children of all ages." The Gift of Sunderland by @warriorechidna #fantasy

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The Gift of Sunderland

An Australian Fantasy Adventure

Written by J.E. Rogers

Genre(s): Fantasy, Young readers 8-12 years, middle grade



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A rift has been created in the Ayers’ lineage. Roland Ayers, Guardian of the Forest, knows that he must obey the voices of past Guardians and declare the next in line. When the announcement is made, two estranged brothers will be torn further apart, causing the Forest to rise from its long sleep. Follow Fergal, Waylond, and the rest of our heroes as they trek across Sunderland to the depths of Mt. Olga where evil dwells. It's there they will discover the importance of family and friendship!

An excerpt from

The Gift of Sunderland

Waylond Ayers stood on the banks of the Gabbling. The water of the river rushed by forming eddies around smooth rocks. Acadia and Demelza, territories within the realm of Sunderland, teemed with life, but today the Forest was quiet. Warm breezes blew through the trees and ruffled Waylond’s fur. A green leaf drifted down before him and dropped into the river. The current pulled it under. The leaf rose briefly to the surface, then disappeared beneath the dark water.

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Fans are saying

The two brothers are reminiscent of Kane and Able and there is a classic battle between good and evil.

The Gift of Sunderland by J. E. Rogers and illustrated by Guy Atherfold is an epic adventure in the fantasy world of Sunderland. Two brothers after the same artefact, but only one has the destiny to become Guardian of the Forest. Brothers Waylond and Kaylond are torn apart by family tragedy, and their lives take different journeys. Waylond sets off on his quest to fulfil his destiny and gathers various animals that need his help along the way. When the brothers finally meet again they will either be divided and be enemies forever, or unite to protect their world.

Following on from The Sword of Demelza, this book again uses native Australian animals as the protagonists. The two brothers are reminiscent of Kane and Able and there is a classic battle between good and evil. In spite of his personal mission and journey, Waylond always has the compassion for the other animals that need his help which earns their loyalty, so that their determination and courage overcome the mean-spirited animals that follow their dark leader.

Well written and enhanced by lovely illustrations, this book is a delight to read. I found myself thinking about the characters even after I had finished reading. As a lover of anthropomorphism I really enjoyed the way the author brought out the characters of the animals. A book that is crying out for animation. Highly recommended.

A wonderful book for 
children of all ages! 

I also highly recommend Ms. Rogers first book, "The Sword of Demelza". The books are set in an alternate Australia and the characters are animals, lizards, etc. that are indigenous to that continent. The characters come to life in a rousing adventure tale. There are lessons to be learned on the importance of taking care of our planet but you never feel as if you are being taught a lesson. You get to meet the characters in the beautiful artwork that graces the book. I am looking forward the another installment.

Author Bio

J.E. Rogers

J.E. Rogers was born in the Bronx and raised in New Jersey. She graduated from Western Connecticut State University. Besides being an avid reader and writer, she also loves animals, and is especially intrigued by those found on the continent of Australia. Her compassion for endangered species led her to include them in her writing, where she hopes to spark a desire in middle graders to learn more about the environment and its effect on the planet's wildlife.

She is extremely active in the literary world. She is Vice President of the Connecticut chapter of Association of Publishers for Special Sales (APSS). The APSS is dedicated to helping authors reach their writing goals and dreams by providing education on the publishing industry. While she enjoys encouraging and helping fledgling writers, she also continues to work on her third book, The Last Ayer, which will introduce more endangered species to young readers.