September's Cover Wars: Round One. Vote every day!

September: Round One

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There are 45 books, and you may vote for up to 40 of them...

Each Day!

Yes, each and every day!

A Castle for Dragons

by Julie Wetzel

Twitter: @juliekwetzel

A Cat to Die For

by Maria Grazia Swan

Twitter: @scrittrice

A Dead Guy At The Summerhouse

by Marian Allen

Twitter: @MarianAllen

A Man of Character

by Margaret Locke

Twitter: @Margaret_Locke

After Summer Ends

by Katie Mettner

Twitter: @KatieMettner

At Hell's Gates Volume III

by Sharon Stevenson

Twitter: @chettsgenie

Bones of Winter

by D. Morgenstern

Twitter: @sieistschoen

Call Sign: Wrecking Crew

by David McKoy & Lynn Hallbrooks

Twitter: @CSWCLynn

Dead in a Dumpster

by B. L. Blair

Twitter: @blblair100

Dead of Summer

by Sherry Knowlton

Twitter: @KnowltonSBooks


by Michelle Irwin

Twitter: @writeonshell

Dream Hunter

by Maya Tyler

Twitter: @mayatylerauthor

High Maga

by Karin Rita Gastreich

Twitter: @EolynChronicles

Immortal Heat

by Loni Lynne

Twitter: @lonilynne1

In the Light of the Eclipse

by Bryan Caron

Twitter: @BryanCaronBooks


by Lichen Craig

Twitter: @lichencraig


by Racheline Maltese

Twitter: @racheline_m


by Stacey Trombley

Twitter: @trombolii

Next of Kin

by Sue Welfare

Twitter: @suewelfare

Of the Cowboy's Own Accord

by Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

Twitter: @maryjdressel


by F. T. McKinstry

Twitter: @ftmckinstry


by Eric J. Gates

Twitter: @eThrillerWriter

Phantom Traces

by Claire Gem

Twitter: @gemwriter

Remember Me

by Maggie Mae Gallagher

Twitter: @magmaegallagher


by Patricia Lynne

Twitter: @plynne_writes

The Adventures of Reztap

by Artemus Withers

Twitter: @artemuswithers

The Arx

by Jay Allan Storey

Twitter: @jastorey

The Bad Man

by G. Warlock Vance

Twitter: @G_Warlock_Vance

The Beast

by AR Davis

Twitter: @writerardavis

The Chains of War

by Dean F. Wilson

Twitter: @deanfwilson

The Dragon Stone Trilogy

by Kristian Alva


The Earth Moved

by Zanna Mackenzie

Twitter: @ZannaMacKenzie

The Family Divided

by Anne Allen

Twitter: @AnneAllen21

The Hunters

by Anna Andrews

Twitter: @theannaandrews

The Key

by Timothy Weatherall

Twitter: @TLWeatherall

The Maynwarings

by Digger Cartwright

Twitter: @mysterydigger

The New Ice Age:The Truth About Climate Change

by Scott Yarbrough

Twitter: @thenewiceagenow

The Road to Rebirth

by Dean F. Wilson

Twitter: @deanfwilson

The Secret of Clover Lane

by Marina Richards

Twitter: @marinarichards

The Species Within

by Kimberley Clark

Twitter: @Kim_L_Clark

Unexpected Beauty

by Tara Sosa

Twitter: @TaraSosaAuthor

Until Beth

by Lisa Amowitz

Twitter: @lisa_amowitz

What You Wish For

by Gina Wynn

Twitter: @Gina_Wynn

Willows of Fate

by Suzanna J. Linton

Twitter: @suzannalin

Witch's Curse

by Debra L Martin & David W Small

Twitter: @dlmartin6

There are 45 books, and you may vote for up to 40 of them...

Each Day!

Yes, each and every day!