I spread hate according to @Kimberlyerin526. You be the judge.

I'm feeling particularly snarky at the moment. Forgive me if this bothers you. If you can't forgive me, then you have no business on my website. We not only allow snarkiness—we applaud it ... especially when the situation calls for it.

I'll get to the point. 

Someone announced they were going to block me on Twitter.

I first thought it was a joke, so I followed the person back. (They were, of course, following me at the time.)

Why the block (which came sometime later)?

Because I spread hate.


Not really. 
This is a 
snarky post, 
after all.

And how did this person come upon such profound information?

It was this post in which I called out a Twitter Troll who blocked me. Judge for yourself. Click here to read the post.

If after reading that you get the impression I spread hate, please unfollow me. Block me, even. It's the least I deserve. #snark #sarcasm