A night of teenage passion, a struggling family, a young underdog... Review this cozy sports mystery by @jamesRossBooks

Series: Prairie Winds Golf Course #4
Genre: Cozy Mystery, Sports
Published: October 30, 2013
Formats Available: Kindle

A night of teenage passion leads to an unplanned pregnancy followed by a lower-middle-class struggle to make ends meet.

Like most mothers, Rayelene Purler envisions great things for her child. In an attempt to introduce her son to a slice of life the family can ill afford, she arranges for the stuttering Owen, Jr. to get free summer instructional lessons at Prairie Winds Golf Course on the east side of St. Louis.

After the first ball is struck on the driving range, head pro J Dub Schroeder senses a child prodigy in his midst. The lad becomes known as Opur for his propensity to sink putts with an old, worn-out putter that was gathering dust in the lost-and-found barrel.

Tragedy at home, a future without aim and a sudden love interest color Opur's journey. J Dub mentors the young man and shows him how the principles of golf can be applied to everyday life.

Follow the action as a young underdog fights for his dream on the hallowed grounds of America's greatest golfing event -- The Classic.

I'm a cancer survivor who had something to say. One story has become several novels from fictitious Prairie Winds Golf Course high atop the Mississippi river bluffs just east of St. Louis.

My stories are character-based with the genre being realistic fiction. My writing style utilizes the use of dialogue from an eclectic cast of characters. Aside from the recurring regulars roughly 20 new personalities are introduced per story.

There will be a Midwestern flavor, solid themes, social issues, and a few lessons in life learned from the golf course which reflect my roots.

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