#Authors, join us for a #free book bonanza on October 29th. pic.twitter.com/oaIdrsJaJV

When I started the Crew Classifieds promo, the idea was to have as many authors and their books gathered in one place—as many as I could muster, that is. It was effective but a chore to put together each week.

The classifieds are no longer a weekly post. Rather, you've probably seen just one book advertised here and there. So, the classifieds has turned into a quick little promo for one book at a time, something I can giveaway for free oftentimes. I don't promote the post much in those cases.

But I haven't given up on the group post idea, something I promote the heck out of. And I have a new idea I would like to try.

Instead of authors telling me what days their books are free, let's pick a day for everyone's book to be free. Let's run a Free Book Bonanza on October 29th. 

Here's how it will work.

  • If your "free" book needs to be scheduled via Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program, do that first.
  • Sign up for this promo. The cost is $5.
  • Your book needs to be free on at least Thursday, October 29th, but if you would like it to be free throughout the entire weekend, that's OK too. Probably even better.
  • At midnight on the 28th/29th, I will run a group Crew Classifieds post with all the free books listed.
  • The list will have a filter attached to it, allowing readers of this blog to look at books based upon genre and keyword.
  • On the 29th especially, I will tweet heavily about the event. Each book will be mentioned specifically. Also, each author's Twitter handle will be mentioned as well. Thus, you'll be able to follow the progress on Twitter.
  • Some tweets will have a picture associated with it. In fact, each book will be represented in picture form, something I usually only do for higher priced promos.
  • As with all group posts, authors are encouraged to promote it themselves, extending the reach of this blog. 
  • Download each other's books and encourage your contacts to do the same. It should mean more downloads for all involved.

Secret Word

Both on the Paypal Form (which is ON THIS PAGE, not the Paypal website) as well as the Google form(s), we ask for a secret word. We use this to match up your payment with your package details you submit via form. Choose something other authors aren't likely to choose — perhaps something unique to either you or one of your books.

Free Book Bonanza - $5

Secret Word: