I didn't read this novel, I experienced it. Rebirth by @amethysteyes01


by Debbie Brown

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Fleeing their homes in the city, three teens find themselves on the run with little kids in tow. As people vanish and buildings crumble, they seek shelter in the nearby mountains. Survival depends on their ability to adapt with nothing more than the items pilfered from a crumbling store. Hovering in the background is the constant threat of being discovered by the aliens, adding to the pressure the teens feel having no shelter, a limited supply of food and the well-being of three children to ensure.

They must come up with some creative solutions before the inevitable onset of winter, while attempting to remain “invisible” to avoid capture. Being mature and responsible is no longer optional as they deal with their individual personalities, traumas, and learn to raise a baby. Unaware of the extent of the alien destruction, they can’t help but wonder if all their efforts are in vain.

Praise for Rebirth

*Rebirth* has everything a novel should have...action, drama, sci-fi and thrills...I truly enjoyed this exciting new story by Debbie Brown who is emerging as a talented creative writer in the YA Sci-Fi genre and I have no doubt we're going to hear lots more from her. I enjoyed the tension, character interaction and certainly the pacing because I just had to finish it in one sitting, definately a page turner.
I enjoyed the survival journey the characters in the novel embarked on. It was very inspiring to see how the children put aside their own needs to form a well functioning group in order to survive. They could only do it together, drawing from their unique individual survival skills.

The characters are real, the plot clever, and the descriptions vivid. I didn't read this novel, I experienced it. The fear, the pain, the desperation, and eventually the relief is definitely felt from page to page.

This novel was not only entertaining and inspirational; the author also gave the reader something to take with them, beyond the last full stop. This is definitely a must read for any age group. You will not be disappointed if you choose to read Rebirth. It's incredibly well written.

Author Bio

I am a graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature, and have completed an advanced writing course for select graduates as well. I have been traipsing around the depths of my imagination for as long as I can remember and began writing stories back when I was twelve. I love to read just about anything, from technical manuals to self-help, sci-fi to romance. I do avoid anything overly violent or graphic and have never been a fan of horror. I have a good memory and vivid imagination so I avoid reading or watching things I don't want stored in my mind.

Amethyst Eyes was my first published novel. It is about a 15-year-old boy who has to leave his life behind to go live with his father after losing his mother in a tragic accident. Although the setting becomes sci-fi (since his father is not from Earth and Tommy has to live on his father’s spaceship), the story is more about growth and human interaction. There is a lot of adventure and a few twists to keep the readers busy throughout the book.

Over the years I have worked as a nurse, a school teacher, a martial arts instructor, baseball, figure-skating and gymnastics coach as well as an artist, selling my paintings in an art gallery. I have been part of an orchestra, flown planes and gone on wilderness hikes. I am an officer in the Canadian Forces, and though I have taught on different military bases, for now I work primarily with cadets. Writing full time is my next goal.

Never having been much of a city girl, I live with the youngest of my four children, my husband Jean-Pierre, and Wookie, our Cardigan Corgi, in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec. I could not imagine life without the beauty of nature that surrounds me. I enjoy the change in seasons and my perfect cure for a long winter's night is curling up in front of a fire with a good book while snowflakes drift slowly past my window.