Authors, would you like to add your book to our book review waiting list?

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The following is in continuation of the post When will we be accepting new book review requests?

In the previous post I expressed the desire to open up book review requests again but that we would have to do it in a controlled manner. The first thing we'll be implementing is that no book will be added to our waiting list unless the book has been delivered to us. That doesn't guarantee a review; it simply speeds up our processing time. Another thing we're going to try is described below.

Review a book for us, and
I'll add your book to the waiting list.

What This Doesn't Mean

We aren't going to make you join our review crew, but you are more than welcome to, of course. You'll be treated like a temporary member of the crew since your book review will be listed on our posted reviews page and be added to Goodreads and Amazon on your behalf. We just won't add you to our Book Review Crew, sending you more books to choose from.

However, a little plug here: we aren't super pushy about how many books you review for us as an official member of the crew. If you'd like to get regular updates about what books are available for review, sign up as a member of our crew. Sign up form can be accessed from the Reviews menu at the top.

Since a review exchange isn't part of the normal process of the review crew, I would still suggest following the instructions below to get your book added to our waiting list. It will be a separate process than the normal communication with book review crew members.

The following is another limiting policy, in another words. And it's to tackle an attitude I can't stand. I've been asked to review a book (or add it to our waiting list), and my response: "Can you read a book on our waiting list to help us out?" The author's response: "I don't have the time." Guess what. Neither do we. An author who doesn't have time to read isn't much of an author in my opinion.

But I'm not being fair, right? If an author had to read a book for every review they got, they wouldn't get very many reviews. This is true. However, this is just one way you'll be able to get your book on our waiting list.

In the future we will accept books without this stipulation, but there will be other procedures to limit the number of requests we get. In other words, we aren't going to accept everyone, their brother, and their dog. You want a review from us? You have to give us something in return, and even then it isn't guaranteed.

A lot of other bloggers have specific genres or other policies they follow in order to accept book review requests. We're moving forward with the same idea in mind. In fact, we may have casting calls for certain genres in the future. But for now what we need help with is cutting down our current waiting list before we start adding new books, and this policy goes hand in hand with the purpose of this blog: supporting the Indie crowd.

The Steps to Add Your Book

  • Fill out the form below.
  • We'll send you a list of books to choose from.
  • Choose a book.
  • We'll send you the book and instructions on how to submit a review.
  • Read a book on our waiting list.
  • Submit your book review.
  • Email me to remind me to send you the waiting list sign up form (since I will probably forget otherwise).
  • Send us your book and fill out the waiting list sign up form.
  • Your book gets added to our waiting list.
  • Rinse and repeat if you so desire (if you have more than one book, that is).
  • Once your book is on our waiting list, it may be picked up by more than one reviewer, though this is rare.
Note: I don't know when we'll be ready for this process, so please be patient. Also, I imagine we won't be very efficient with this process at first. For now I'm putting it out there to see how many authors are interested in a review exchange.

Note: The final blank where we're asking for a link to your book is just to prove that you are actually an author. Thought it was better than a captcha, right?