Are you stuck at the 2,000 follow limit on Twitter?

"I'll follow when Twitter lets me."
"Following back when I get out of Twitter jail."
"Twitter won't let me follow you back."

I see tweets like this all the time when I follow new people, which I do on a regular—even religious—basis. Many may not know that Twitter only allows you to follow 2,000 people ... unless a certain number of people are following you back.

After 2,000 follows, you are allowed to follow 10% above the number of people following you. Some examples:

Followers Max you can follow
1,500 2,000*
2,000 2,200
3,000 3,300
10,000 11,000
100,000 110,000

* 10% above 1,500 is 1,650, but you are allowed to follow 2,000 before the 10% rule kicks in.

How do I get out of Twitter Jail?

Since this post is about the 2,000 follow limit, I will only comment about how to get out of that kind of jail. FYI: there are multiple kinds of Twitter jail.

This one is easy. You have to unfollow some people. There are two groups I recommend: those that don't follow you back and those that aren't active on Twitter anymore. If someone hasn't tweeted in 3 months, it's a good chance they aren't getting on Twitter anytime soon. If they do, you can follow them in the future. However, most of the time you don't have to resort to this second group. Unfollowing those that don't follow you back usually does the trick.

How do you identify those that don't follow you back?

There are a variety of services that will do this for you, but the one that I've found to be most useful is It's what I use. It does a lot more than identify the non-follow backs, though. It's one of the services I depend on with my Twitter management service.

Don't have time to manage your Twitter followers?

If you don't have time to do it yourself, let me do it for you. All Twitter Management clients will have the following steps in common:

  1. I gain access to your Twitter account. I recommend changing your password to something you don't mind me having. Of course, I won't share it with anyone.
  2. I'll throw all of your non-follow backs into a Twitter list. You'll go through that list and tell me which ones you want me to leave alone.
  3. I unfollow all the non-follow backs, except the ones you mark as untouchable. This will give me the room needed to follow new people.
  4. After these first few steps, what I will do for you will depend on what Twitter Management Package you choose.

Choices, Choices, Choices

The cost of the following packages ranges from free to $35. All packages are designed to be completed in one month, though that may differ based upon my schedule and how many are interested in my services.

Free Option

The free option is designed as a trial, which means you can only do it one time (unless we come up with an arrangement). Because I am willing to work for free, there are two qualifications. One: you must have at least 2,000 followers on Twitter.

The reason for the first qualification leads to number two: I will schedule one tweet per hour each hour of a one month period. These tweets will point to books I promote on this site. I'll even let you choose which books I promote (within reason).

During that month, I will follow about 1,000 people for you. These will be active writers and authors, the ones who are most likely to follow you back. I'll email you a final progress report, detailing how many I followed each session and how many of those followed you back after one week. (This goes for all packages.)

Paying clients take precedence over those trying the free option. The scheduled tweets will not be affected by this, but following the 1,000 people could be. Unless this service just takes off, though, I should be able to follow 1,000 people within a month.

Twitter Management Package # 1 — $15

Since no one has ordered this package, I'm changing the specifications. There will be no limits. I won't tweet via your account. The only difference is that instead of following 2,000 people, I'll only follow 1,000. This is a great package to try if you are unsure of the results. You'll come back for more, I promise.

I'll follow 1,000 active writers and authors over the course of a few weeks or so.

Twitter Management Package # 2 — $25

I'll follow 2,000 active writers and authors over the course of a month or so. I won't tweet via your account, obviously.

Twitter Management Package # 3 — $35

For $10 dollars more, here's what you get: the 2,000 follows from package 2 and a promo post on this site, advertising your book or some other appropriate service or product. (I'll be the judge if it's appropriate.)

Also, I'll schedule 10 tweets to your Twitter account, advertising your promo post on this site, each tweet repeating every other day or so (5 tweets a day). These tweets will go out in the evening (CST) which is the best time I've determined for exposure and traffic. I'll set them up so that they repeat indefinitely or until you tell me to turn them off.

In most cases, I won't need your help in composing the tweets. I will base them off the promo post. If the promo post is a book, you'll fill out a form to give me all the info I need to put your promo post together. If it is for something else, I will require you to come up with the text of the post.

Twitter Management Package # 4 — TBD

If this service is popular, I'll be happy to add a fourth package which picks up where package 3 leaves off.

Other Future Options

Once I've been doing this for a while, I should be able to follow readers and genre writers, such as fantasy or mystery writers, on your behalf. There will probably be a small upgrade fee for this.


Choose a Package

Choose a package...

Once you buy a package, send me an email to initiate contact. I get a notification email from Paypal, but it's still important that you email me. Otherwise my email to you could end up in the junk folder where you don't see it, and you think I have cheated you or forgotten you. Believe me, this has happened.

If you are interested in doing the Free Option trial, email me as well, obviously. Be sure to include your Twitter ID in any emails you send.