Today, Andy is going to save his dead girlfriend. via @The_GrayTower #scifi #timetravel

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Today, Andy is going to save his dead girlfriend.

Masters of Time 
A Science Fiction and Fantasy Time Travel Anthology

by Alesha Escobar, Devorah Fox, Samantha LaFantasie, H.M. Jones, Timothy C. Ward

Genre/Keyword(s): Fantasy, Anthology, Paranormal, Time Travel,



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A clone who usurps his own destiny--and with it, the power of Time. A time travel romance that would defy death, and an alluring agent from the future hunting her prey…

Imaginative and heart-pounding stories are woven into the fabric of this time travel short story collection. From adventure to loss, hope and sacrifice, each tale touches upon the precious value given to Time, and what we'd do with it, if we were its masters.

The Masters of Time sci-fi/fantasy time travel anthology is presented to you by USA Today bestselling author Samantha LaFantasie, Amazon bestselling authors Alesha Escobar and Devorah Fox, Hugo Award nominee Timothy C. Ward, NIEA finalist H.M. Jones, and author Alice Marks.


My first clue time travel could be possible was in the barber's chair the day before my girlfriend's funeral.

Andy lifted his pen and shaking hand from the paper. The clock on the stove read 10:06. Why did I wait so long to write this?

Because in less than two hours he might cease to exist, if his plan even worked. How do you pack up for that? He'd call his dad on the way to work, but he had to be subtle. Probably won't even answer.

Andy crossed out 'my' and wrote 'our' between the lines before 'girlfriend,' but it was too sloppy. He tore the page out and gripped the pen harder. Holding his wrist to steady his strokes, he started his first line over. My first clue… our girlfriend's funeral.

She died coming to visit me at work. If I cease to be and you get her, it will be for the best. I can't go on knowing I caused such a beautiful life to end. I have great joy offering myself for her life. I would do it a million times over.

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