"Full of Intrigue." The Liberian Agenda by @ljtaylor99 #thriller

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The Liberian Agenda

Written by L.J. Taylor

Genre(s): Women's Fiction, Thriller



What if the person you married neglected to mention he was a member of a notorious family of Liberian arms dealers?

Sonia Johnson, native New Yorker, attorney, and daughter of a U.S. Senator, never expected to find herself a virtual prisoner in Liberia, but her husband - the country’s new president by way of coup d’etat - won’t let her take their son back to the States. The only way for her to protect him from her husband’s enemies is to spy on her new family for the C.I.A. If she gets caught, her son will grow up without a mother - if he grows up at all.

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Fan had to say

5.0 out of 5 stars

Full of Intrigue and Super Well Written, Honest Dialogue and Honest Feelings.....Loved It!

The Liberian Agenda is written as a political mystery thriller that begins with a simple multi-million dollar business deal that turns into a heck of a ride for our protagonist and unwilling heroine-of-the-day and high-end professional business lawyer Sonia.

The conversations written into the chapters are real, intelligent, and provide the reader with a clarity of each and every situation at hand. It was almost as if the author had taken me by the hand and walked me through this story ala the ghosts in Charles Dickens story 'A Christmas Carol'. I found myself intrigued with the interaction of the characters and the honest reality of emotions shared by Sonia. As Scrooge stood judging others in Dickens’ story, I found myself judging her situations and rooting her on one minute: “Yeah! Way To Go!” or screaming, “No! No! Not that!” the next. I never once lost interest in this story line.

Now, this book has several very sexually explicit scenes written in it. While I prefer not to read books with that type of content, at the end of the story I found that the whole plot of the story and the actions of Sonia were almost predicated on the intimate relationship she held with one of the antagonists in the story, her love interest Joseph. While the explicit content is graphic, is certainly is brief enough that the whole book isn’t filled with completely unnecessary and solely gratuitous sex scenes for the sell.

— Marina