Victorian Fantasy Romance: "Enchanting, Magical." The Rose Hunter by @ciaragold #romance

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The Rose Hunter

Written by Ciara Gold

Genre(s): Victorian Fantasy Romance



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Lucian Willshire is plagued by thoughts of a fae world and the disappearance of his aunt some nineteen years past, but when his friend drags him back to Hamingjur Castle, he stumbles into Alfheim Haven once more where mystical beings become more than a distant memory.

Lyerra Ahdia is baffled by the sudden emotional changes she’s experiencing until she discovers she’s the only witch to suffer “the change” since her mother stole the Rose, a special talisman with the power to perpetuate life among those in her coven. Tasked with finding and bringing the Rose home, she begs Lucian’s help in navigating the human realm. Against his better judgement, he agrees.

Though neither set out to find anything except the Rose, fate has other plans. Will love be more elusive than hunting the Rose?

An excerpt from

The Rose Hunter

After a frozen moment, she trudged up the stairs and to her room. When she entered her temporary sanctuary, something felt quite wrong but try as she might, she couldn’t put her finger on the problem. Shrugging, she sank onto the plush mattress and removed the locket. She was about to spread the parchment out on the bed when the dangling bird cage caught her eye.

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a Fans said

The Rose Hunter. Enchanting, Magical. A Must Read...

I love how Ciara always takes her readers on an unforgettable adventure fulled with elf’s, pixie’s, and children. And some of her character have such captivating speech all of their own that makes them feel magical and worldly. I also think this book takes the reader though an array of emotions as the character advance through their life.

I would highly recommend The Rose Hunter if you’ve read the Keeper Of Moon Haven, or if you love enchanting world, character that will stay with you a long while after you’ve read the last page and an ending that leave your heart contented and your mind wanting another book in the same world to sink into. I hope there will be more book like this one..

— Holly.