"A Spectacular Ending to a Roller-Coaster of a Series." Let's Move On by @dnkboston #romance

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Let's Move On

The New Pioneers

Written by Deborah Nam-Krane

Genre(s): New Adult Romance, Coming of Age



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Zainab has spent years keeping Emily from going over the edge, giving Miranda a shoulder to cry on and nursing Jessie back to health. They'll be the first to agree that she deserves whatever makes her happy, especially after the drama Richard put her through. But did she have to choose the guy who threw everyone's lives into the shredder?

Richard knows he screwed up and he'd do anything to get Zainab back, but first he needs to make sure his company—and his loyal employees—don't go under. (Who knew kicking your primary investor to the curb would have consequences?) Good thing his family has such deep pockets; too bad he doesn't want to take a cent from them. Why should Zainab take him back if he can't get out of his own way?

Maybe Zainab can eat her cake and have it too—that is, until she's given an ultimatum. The choice isn't Lover A or B; it's protecting her friends or letting them fend for themselves. With that hanging over her head, what's it going to take to make sure she and everyone else can finally move on?

Let's Move On is Book Four in The New Pioneers series.

An excerpt from

Let's Move On

Jessie knew Zainab’s schedule that week. She used the key she’d finagled from Emily and let herself in. She grabbed a cupcake, then spotted some of the leftover Pasta della California from the night before. Score, she thought. She was lucky any was leftover. And then it occurred to her. Zainab hadn’t been home last night to eat it.

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Here's what

Fans are saying

A Spectacular Ending to a Roller-Coaster of a Series

Hold on for a exciting end to what has been one of my favourite series. Emily, Miranda, Jessie, and Zainab are characters who have stayed with me for some two years now as I was fortunate to get my hands on an advanced review copy of the first in this series, The Smartest Girl in the Room.

What's been spectacular in this series is the way Deborah Nam-Krane has developed the lives of these characters as they've grown from young adults into mature well rounded people, albeit with a few issues. For me, where the focus of each book has been on one character, you're still able to follow your favourite characters from previous books and watch as their lives develop beyond their previous stories. 

In Let's Move On, you finally get to Zainab's story. Zainab has been the rock on which all of the cast of characters in The New Pioneers series rely on. She's the glue that's kept them all together during their many crises. But will they do the same for her now her life has gone to pot? 

With her ex Richard cheating on her, will they stand by her when they learn she sleeping with the enemy? And just when you thought no one could hide anything from anyone ever again, boo! Another skeleton is dragged out of the closet. Such fun!

Many twists and turns

I loved the latest in this series, finding out back stories plus shocking plot twists! A great read! Can't wait for more from this author!

— G. Powell

Author Bio

Deborah Nam-Krane

Deborah Nam-Krane was born in New York, raised in Cambridge and educated in Boston. You're forgiven for assuming she's prejudiced toward anything city or urban. She's been writing in one way or another since she was eight years old (and telling stories well before that).

She first met some of the characters in The New Pioneers series when she was thirteen years old, but it took two decades- and a couple of other characters- to get the story just right.

Things you might want to know:

First crush: Peter Pan... until she realized he wasn't real. Then she moved onto Captain Kirk, then Mister Spock (and there she's stayed).

What makes her write: a character that needs to have his or her story told.

How much time does she spend writing: as much as possible! Sometimes one hour a day, sometimes four.

Inspired by: People she watches on the street, conversations she listens in on, current events and developments, a really great nonfiction book

Favorite author: Nathaniel Hawthorne

Favorite book: Too many to choose from! But Lolita, The White Goddess, Sexual Personae and The Tenant At Wildfell Hall are definitely on the list