"Keep you warm and make you laugh" Sexy Holiday Delights #romance #boxset

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Sexy Holiday Delights

Authors Included: 

Shara Azod 

RaeLynn Blue

Gynger Fyer 

Jeanie Johnson & Jayha Leigh

Marteeka Karland & Shara Azod


Serenity King

Tiffany Monique

Reana Malori

Chaeya Robles

Genre(s): Romance, Interracial Romance, Christmas

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Ten Steamy Holiday Stories meant to heat you up during the cold winter nights. Settle in with a cup of hot cocoa, or a large glass of wine, and enter the world of some of your favorite authors! There’s a little bit of everything for you to enjoy, including paranormal, contemporary, sweet romance and downright steamy erotica!

Shara Azod - A Home for Christmas
RaeLynn Blue - Fruitcake
Gynger Fyer - Christmas in Canada
Jeanie Johnson & Jayha Leigh - The Twelve Craze of Christmas
Marteeka Karland & Shara Azod - A Little Christmas Sugar
Kassanna - Joy
Serenity King - A Naughty Holiday Surprise
Tiffany Monique - A Thigh-High Christmas (The Redux)
Reana Malori - Renewal
Chaeya Robles - The Christmas Healing

Happy Holidays!!

An excerpt from

Sexy Holiday Delights

from Renewal
by Reana Malori

Erica Atkins held a long stemmed wine glass in her hand as she stared into the dying light of the fireplace. It was long past the time when her husband of five years would normally arrive home from work. No call. No text. Nothing. It was as if she no longer mattered. The courtesy of a telephone call was apparently simply too much for her to ask for. After five years of loving, laughter, and being each other’s best friend, something had changed.

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Fans are saying

This will keep you warm and make you laugh

This book is a short clip of 10 authors and there writing style. Gota say love the books my 3 favorites are...

1. home for Christmas- Aya is running afraid Caleb dad going to find them. But Illian and Ivan twins find her they claim Caleb and she not sure if she can trust them after what she experienced. But if she can she might just have a even better present for Christmas.

2. fruitcake- In this book what I would also consider a womanizer Kevin compares women to fruit cake. But then Chloe walks into the door and she is not falling for his lines and she turns him down for multiple dates. It hits his confidence and he starts taking a hard look at what and who he is. But if he can get Chloe to commit then they both might find what they been looking for.

3. 12 craze of Christmas- This is the craziest Christmas book I have ever read. From Dicks in the dishwasher to Vaginas in the yard. Yeah crazy from start to finish but believe it or not there is love to be found in all this craziness.
all book are great and I would love to read more of a book from these authors there isn't one book that i would consider a throw away each book is a standalone book they don't continue one

What a a great box set! 10 awesome stories by 10 awesome authors, with 2 extra writers! This collection is amazing! They are all sexy romances with a little extra oomph!! All romance readers are going to love this! I started reading and other than a couple of breaks, I read it all. All of the stories are well written and flows from story to story! A big thank you to each and every author!

— Tarri