2 billion dollars if challenge met. David, The Sexy Chef by @FranklyFrankiAn #romance

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David, The Sexy Chef

The Forsythe Legacy -- Billionaire Inheritance with a Twist

Written by Franki Ann Jones

Genre(s): Romance,Billionaire With A Twist

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This is a brand new series of six books by a talented author, full of romance, alpha males striving to meet difficult goals, strong women and lives being dramatically twisted into new directions. Enjoy!

John Forsythe was a very wealthy man and when he died, his massive fortune was split between his six grand-nephews and would make them billionaires, but only if these alpha males could meet three stringent conditions that would twist their lives out of shape.

Book One is David's story.

David Monroe was a Michelin Star Chef, an American who spent the last fifteen years training and working in Europe. He was well regarded professionally and rubbed elbows with the rich and famous. He was still single at the age of thirty four, and happy to stay that way. His brooding, tall dark and handsome looks attracted a lot of female admiration and he went through life enjoying one romance after the next with a never-ending stream of beautiful women.

But the three conditions of his Uncle John's Will changed all that. He had to come back to the States and establish his own business, marry and conceive a child with his wife, and make a plan to give away a Billion Dollars to a worthy charity his Uncle's Trustees approved.

David had little difficulty establishing his new business, but when it came to marriage – well, that was going to be a challenge. He had no desire to tie himself down, but Two Billion Dollars was Two Billion Dollars after all.

His old friend Sonya came to work for him, and he found his attraction to the witty and clever beauty growing. She’d do very nicely as wife for a while he decided. But the problem was, Sonya had known him for too many years, had talked to too many of his exes to take him seriously.

He set out to woo her, bed her and wed her. But one of the exes, a gorgeous Spanish actress came to town, and she decided that David should rekindle the flame with her...

And then there was that charity condition. Giving away a billion dollars wisely proved to be more difficult than it seemed.

Would David meet all the conditions before the deadline of February 11th and collect his Two Billion Dollars? Read the book and find out. 

Author Bio

Franki Ann Jones

I live on the West Coast and love it here. When I'm not creating stories about Alpha Males, and Strong Women (and the story is as important to me as the steam!), you might find me in the kitchen cooking foods I've discovered on my travels, or on the beach, flying a kite. Or, you might find me at the swimming pool, because I'm addicted to Aquacise!

I hope you enjoy this new series about six cousins who find themselves heirs to Billions of Dollars -- but there's a twist. They all have meet three conditions sent out in the will before they can claim the prize, and not all of these sexy, vibrant men are sure it's worth the effort.