We’re looking for help in graphics, editing, and formatting for a publishing venture.

This is the eighth part of a multi-part series devoted to our plans for a writing contest. To read this from the beginning or to see a full list of posts as they are posted, please refer to this page.

Since we are still in the planning stages, be aware that any of the following is subject to change at any moment (though I doubt it).

We’ve covered the contest itself and judging. Unless something comes up, the next time I mention those we should be out of the planning stage. Let’s hope, anyway. But there’s a lot more that people can help us with in connection with the contest and subsequent publishing venture.


If you have experience in any type of graphics, we’d love to have your help. If you have a professional service and would be willing to do some volunteer work in exchange for promotion, we’d love to hear from you. If you would like to start a graphics service and are looking for some free promotion, we’d love to get the word out for you.

We’ll need help with book cover design, of course, but we might also need some help in designing some web graphics for volunteers to use to help us market our activities. I’ll encourage all who help us in this manner to promote you as well.


If you have experience in professional or semi-professional editing services, we’d love to have an open line of communication with you. Our budget is zero or very near zero, so we are looking for ones to offer a little of their time for no money. However, we’d be happy to promote either an existing service, a start-up, or in giving someone some valuable experience in the editing field.


When someone buys an e-book, they expect the end result to be professional. Yet formatting is not always an easy task. I’ve read articles on the subject and played around with some myself. If you have experience in getting a manuscript ready for market as an e-book, I’d love to have a chat with you. If you would like to provide some formatting services for us in exchange for promotion, we’d gladly accept your offer.

What we can do for you

Our reach online is not all that great though we are growing every day. However, a lot of our followers on Twitter are writers, many of them either self-published or interested in getting published. Promotion via a post written about you and your service, regular tweets about what you offer, as well as any other marketing techniques we come up with together are available. You help us; we help you.

Please fill out the form on this page to express interest in helping us with our upcoming writing contest. Be sure to include details in the comment box.